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Watch: 3 Cats Abandoned Outside Long Island Shelter

Three young cats were abandoned outside of a Long Island animal shelter Saturday morning without food, drinks or carriers, and the dumping of the frightened animals was caught on video. 

The female cats, two calicos and an orange tabby, were less than a year old and hadn't been spayed, but appeared to be healthy, said Simon Kwok, a volunteer at the All About Cats shelter in Freeport. 

The cats were left behind the shelter by two people who were seen on video taking them out of bags and leaving them near the porch. 

One of the cats was so scared that it climbed up a beam on the porch before staff rescued it, Kwok said. 

A person on a smoke break noticed the abandoned felines hours later and alerted staff inside. 

The people who dumped the cats drove off in a grey Nissan with New York plates, Kwok said. 

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The cats will eventually be put up for adoption. 

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