3 Bodies Found in Vacant Bronx Building, 1 Week After Fire

The bodies of three men were found Monday in a vacant Bronx building a week after it burned in a fire, according to police.

Demolition crews found the remains, which were apparently overlooked by firefighters who responded to the Buchanan Place building on Sept. 9.

"I looked down and it was one person laying there," said Jessie Julius, one of the workers. "So me and the coworkers went back up, and there were two more on the left."

Fire officials said the house was not searched more thoroughly at the time because it was deemed unsafe to search the boarded-up, abandoned building.

Investigators think the men who died in the fire were squatters. People living nearby said that the house was a known hangout for homeless people who would sleep there from time to time. 

Their ages were not immediately known. Medical examiners are also trying to determine when they died and how long the bodies were in the house. 

Ida Siegal contributed to this report.

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