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2nd Avenue Subway Line Experiencing Major Delays

Go figure



    2nd Avenue Subway Line Experiencing Major Delays
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    Just look at these sad clowns waiting to get on the Second Avenue line.

    Delays on the Second Avenue subway line will stretch out to until at least 2016. Good grief.

    "It will not come as shock to the American people that the Second Ave. subway is behind schedule," said Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers Campaign.

    "It's a big complicated project. I think part of this is bowing to the economic realities of what money is available and when."

    First announced one month before the stock market crash of 1929 that sent the nation into the downward spiral that became the Great Depression, the Second Avenue line has beset by glitches, problems, mistakes and idiocy ever since. In fact, it was 1972 before they even broke ground for the first time.

    And with delays come greater expenditures. The total tab is now expected to rise another $100 million to $4.4 billion -- and possibly as high as $4.8 billion --  for the 8.5-mile line.

    Which will be completed first: the 2nd Avenue subway or the Nets' new stadium in Brooklyn's Atlantic Yards?