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28 Percent of Millennials Think Going Out Takes Too Much Effort: Study

Millennials increasingly prefer to stay in to socialize because they find it too exhausting to leave their homes, according to a new study, perhaps an indication of a trend in opposition to that fear of missing out (or FOMO, in millennial parlance). 

According to a report by market analysis company Mintel, 28 percent of younger millennials (ages 24-31) prefer to drink at home because they believe going out takes too much effort.

A night in with friends was considered much more relaxing by 74 percent of those surveyed, preferring their couch to trying to flag a bartender or squeezing into binding party clothes. 

About a third of people surveyed (35 percent) said they prefer it because it's a more personal setting than shouting across the bar, and 38 percent said that they can better control their alcohol intake from home.


“Today, Millennials are currently leading the way when it comes to socializing in the home... Bars and restaurants must work harder than ever to provide customers with a unique drinking experience,” said Caleb Bryant, senior food service analyst at Mintel.

Mintel also reported that those who are making the effort to get out of the house are looking for more unique drinking experiences.

This may explain the influx of bars trying to offer experiences that can't be recreated from the couch, such as barcades, trivia nights, speakeasies, or just hanging Instagram-worthy neon signs on the wall.

Mintel did note that this increasing desire to drink from home, and a generally falling consumption rate, hasn't put a damper on the alcohol industry. Turns out millennials are just looking for more upscale drinks when they do go out, trading in average craft beers for IPAs and sparkling rosé.

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