The Slowest, Most Unreliable Bus in NYC Is …

These are awards you don't want your bus line to receive.

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The Straphangers Campaign, an NYC-based public transit group who advocates on behalf of riders, has released their annual list of the slowest and most unreliable bus routes.

This year's winner of the dreaded "Pokey" award — given to the slowest ride in the city — was the M102 bus.

Following the M102, the next slowest lines were the Bx19, B35, Q32, and the S38.

All but one of the buses — the Q32 — had improved their speed since the awards were last handed out in 2019.

The most unreliable bus service, and the recipient of the "Schleppie" award, is the B12 line.

Following the unpredictable B12 service, the Bx3, Q58, M100, and S78 were also on the capricious list.

The Straphangers Campaign said that service has improved as a result of the MTA and the NYC Department of Transportation's reforms.

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