2013 CMJ Music Marathon at Lit Lounge

The 2013 CMJ Music Marathon features over 1,400 live performances in more than 40 of New York City's nightclubs and theaters. Here are some of the new acts featured in the weeklong festival.

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The French rock band LYS hits the stage during the 2013 CMJ Music Marathon at the Lit Lounge in the East Village.
Discovered by Steve Hewitt, the drummer and songwriter for Placebo, LYS is the only band from France playing during CMJ.
LYS energized Lit Lounge with tunes from their new album "Go Your Own Way" on Oct. 16, 2013.
Brooklyn natives Sound Supreme brought their unique sound to the Bowery Electric on the second night of CMJ.
Drummer and songwriter Yahoteh Kokayi mixes jazz, R&B and reggae to create smooth tunes, keeping the equally eclectic crowd swaying throughout the set.
“Music for the Soul; Music for Life. Sound is Supreme. Dig it!” – Sound Supreme
The band is working on a new EP, inspired by bands such as Earth, Wind & Fire; Snarky Puppy; and Curtis Mayfield.
The cozy stage at the Bowery Electric was taken over by a plethora of drums, horns and chimes.
Vinnie Ferra and his band take the stage, delving into a more indie-centric beat.
The Cali-born crooner captivates the ladies in the audience with his folky lyrics and harmonica-playing skills.
“Destroying Me” is the latest single from his upcoming EP.
GEMS, a duo from Washington, D.C., has been creating quite a buzz this past year with their dark, brooding songs.
With a melodic voice that sends a chill straight to your bones, Pitts casts a spell over the audience – one hard to break.
Lead singer Lindsay Pitts and Clifford John Usher play fan favorite “Medusa” at Mercury Lounge on night 3 of CMJ.
If you missed them at CMJ, GEMS will be playing again in New York on November 11th.
“You can’t have the light without the dark, and I think what we are finding, what we are dealing with in our lives right now is the shadow side of love,” Clifford John Usher said on a Swide.com interview.
The pair used to be in a folk band for several years before recently changing over to a more electronic sound.
GEMS debut EP Medusa is set to be released on Nov. 12.
The sold-out CMJ showcase at Bowery Ballroom had a highly anticipated lineup featuring Jonathan Rado, Hookworms, Piano Movers and headliners Real Estate.
The band played some favorites, starting with their song “Easy” and surprising the crowd with a few new songs from their new album, which is set to be released in 2014.
Martin Courtney is the lead singer and guitarist of Real Estate, with Matt Mondanile, Alex Bleeker, Jackson Pollis and Jonah Maurer making up the rest of the band.
Their two previous albums, Real Estate and Days, showcase tunes featuring a focus on an uncomplicated life mixed with a surf rock vibe.
The indie rockers from Ridgewood, New Jersey, entertained the crowds of almost 700 people on the third night of CMJ.
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