2 Teens Rescued From Accused Sex Traffickers in Brooklyn: NYPD

Two teen girls were rescued from a house in Brooklyn where police said they were being held by alleged sex traffickers after one of the girls contacted her dad on social media, authorities said. 

The girls, ages 14 and 15, willingly left their homes in Ulster County on Oct. 17 and came to Brooklyn, police said. 

One of the girls alerted her dad on social media, which led police to her location, the NYPD said. 

Police went to the house in Snedicker Avenue in East New York on Saturday and found the girls. They were brought to a hospital for evaluation. 

Three people, all age 19, were arrested, police said. 

Rudy Rocker was charged with rape, attempted sex trafficking and promoting prostitution, among other charges. 

Berisha Nedahate and Donald Jackson were charged with attempted compelling prostitution, attempted sex trafficking, and attempted promoting prostitution, among other charges. 

It wasn't clear whether any of the suspects had attorneys. 

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