2 Jersey City Men Found Shot, Headless, Without Hands: Police

A Jersey City, N.J. man has been accused of shooting two men to death before beheading them, removing their hands and burying their body parts in a wooded area in south Jersey.

State Police say the investigation began last Thursday with a report of suspicious activity in at an address in Buena Vista. Detectives arrived to search the premises, and in a wooded area behind that home, cadaver dogs found recently disturbed soil.

The bodies of the two men, also from Jersey City, were found buried there, and the heads and four hands were found at another burial site.

Police say Yusuf Ibrahim, 28, shot both the men, 25 and 27, in the chest and then removed their heads and hands.

Police say earlier in the week he had been driving a white Mercedes Benz that belonged to one of the victims. That car was found abandoned and set on fire in Philadelphia.

Ibrahim was found at a home in Bayonne on Sunday and was arrested.

Friends told NBC10 in Philadelphia that the two victims were roommates, and that one of the men moved to America from Egypt four years ago.

Police did not explain their connection to Ibrahim, other than to say they all lived near each other in Jersey City.

Lawyer information for Ibrahim was not immediately available. He is being held at the Atlantic County jail.

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