Two U.S. Army Explosives Technicians Hurt in Accident at New Jersey Military Research Facility

Two U.S. Army explosives technicians were hurt in what officials called an "incident" at a military research facility in New Jersey Wednesday.

The Picatinny Arsenal says the civilian employees were conducting an operation on an explosive submunition, which is one of several smaller weapons within a missile or projectile that is expelled as the carrier nears its target.

One of the employees was taken by helicopter to a nearby medical facility; the other was transported by ambulance. One has since been released; the other is expected to survive, arsenal officials said.

The facility has been secured. Authorities said the accident is under investigation and all explosives-related operations have been suspended. It wasn't clear how long they'd remain suspended.

Picatinny Arsenal is a research and manufacturing facility in Rockaway Township. About 5,000 people work at the arsenal, which provides ammunition, weapons and other materials to all branches to the U.S. military.  

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