19-Year-Old Murder Suspect Allegedly “Wanted to Feel What It Was Like to Shoot Somebody”

Three 19-year-olds have been charged with the murders of Nia Haqq, 25 and Michael Muchioki, 27 outside their Jersey City home last weekend after they had returned from an engagement party.

And sources told NBCNewYork that one of the teenaged women told investigators, "I just wanted to feel what it was like to shoot somebody."

"She should have served her country," said Nia's mother, Majeeda Haqq after she was told that quote. "That's what she should of did if she felt she needed to feel what it felt like to pull a trigger on someone. She should have took her behind to Iran(sic)," Haqq added.

Haqq and Muchioki were brutally gunned down after they got out of their car at three in the morning. Lawmen were stunned then, and stunned again on learning that one of the young women actually suggested it was some sort of "thrill kill."

"That's cold-blooded," said Hudson County Sheriff Juan Perez. "You took the lives of two individuals. How can you even sleep by saying such a statement, it's horrible," Perez said.

"We will go after them," Haqq said. And she added "Whatever we can do to make sure they never step outside of a cell again, we're gonna do it... because they have stolen my sunshine."

Bail for the two women, Darmelia Lawrence and Latonia Bellamy, was set a $1 million cash each, and for Shiquan Bellamy (Latonia's cousin) it was set at $2 million. All three face felony murder, armed robbery and weapons charges.

Bellamy served 10 months in prison last year after being convicted of two counts of selling drugs near a school.

But NBCNewYork learned that after getting out on parole in October, a warrant for his arrest was issued January 27 "for failure to meet conditions of parole," according to State Parole Board Spokesman Neal Buccino.

Buccino said Bellamy had failed to attend a community resource program.

Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy, after calling the murders "an act of pure and random viciousness," said the entire community "felt a bit of relief ... knowing these killers are behind bars (in) the first step in the healing process for our city."

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