Police Bust Park Slope Heroin, Coke Ring

Police say they've arrested 12 New York City residents who allegedly sold heroin and cocaine in family-friendly Park Slope as part of a loosely linked network of drug rings.

About a dozen of the sales recorded in the investigation -- totaling over $50,000 -- were made to undercover police officers on the streets of Park Slope near Prospect Park, said prosecutors.

The main target of the long-term investigation, Edwin Perez, 32, often conducted his transactions by driving his luxury vehicle or his motorcycle out to meet his customers in "the office," a code name referring to various blocks adjacent to Prospect Park West in the heart of Park Slope, prosecutors said.

He would pull up to his customers' vehicles, toss the drugs through the car window and receive cash in exchange, said prosecutors. Sometimes the sales took place in the middle of traffic, in which case an associate of Perez would use a separate vehicle to block cars behind Perez.

In Perez's largest sale recorded in the police investigation, on March 18, 2010, Perez rode to "the office" on his motorcycle and delivered a bag containing 2,000 glassines of heroin in exchange for $10,000, prosecutors allege.

On another occasion, Perez brought his preschool-aged child with him, who sat in the front passenger seat as Perez conducted a sale.

Police arrested Perez outside his 19th Street home Tuesday, and seized a three-wheeled motorcycle containing 1,400 glassines of heroin from a front compartment and a helmet painted with the words "Sin City" -- a name also found stamped on the glassines sold in the course of the police investigation. 

Other brand names stamped on glassine bags included "True Life," "Guilty," "King," and "WD-40."

A call to his lawyer was not immediately returned.

Perez and two associates were charged together in connection with approximately two dozen sales to the undercover officers. They supplied thousands of glassines of heroin and cocaine in exchange for more than $50,000, said prosecutors. 

Another eight individuals in connection with the drug rings have been arrested for allegedly selling heroin in the area of Park Slope, with the most recent arrest taking place Friday.

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