11 People Hospitalized With Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Brooklyn: FDNY

A pipe disconnected from a boiler at the building, FDNY said

What to Know

  • Eleven people were hospitalized after an apparent carbon monoxide incident in Brooklyn, the FDNY said
  • The incident was caused by a disconnected pipe on a boiler at the building, the FDNY said
  • Eight people were hospitalized with minor injuries, and three were hospitalized with serious, life-threatening injuries

Eleven people were hospitalized — three of whom had serious, life-threatening injuries — with carbon monoxide poisoning in Brooklyn, the FDNY said. 

Firefighters responded to a building on Lincoln Place, near Ralph Avenue, in Crown Heights on Sunday morning, the department said. 

The leak was caused by a disconnected pipe on a boiler at the building, the FDNY said. 

Eight people were taken to Brookdale Hospital Medical Center with minor injuries, according to the department. 

Three were taken to a second hospital with serious, life-threatening injuries, the FDNY said. 

The FDNY didn't immediately say how old they were or provide additional details. 

Tenant Antoinette Little told News 4 she and others evacuated the building after police and firefighters started banging on the door. 

The gas may not have affected Little because her window was open, she said.

"My daughter always keeps the windows open. When I am in the house, I [pull them] down. But she waits 'til I go to sleep to open them," she said. "And I am so grateful that she did that today." 

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