11 Busted for Guns and Drugs at Biker Gathering on Long Island: Police

A small army of law enforcement officers seized a variety of drugs and weapons and arrested 11 bikers during a gathering hosted by the Pagans Motorcycle Club on Long Island, New York, authorities said Sunday.

Officers confiscated five handguns, a rifle, a shotgun, a billy club, and quantities of marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth and morphine, according to the Suffolk County Police Department. Police also seized three vehicles.

The Pagans were celebrating their 50th anniversary and the reopening of their Long Island Chapter on Saturday night, police said. The event was billed as "Bikers for Thomas Strong," a fundraiser for a teenager who is being treated for brain cancer.

Hundreds of bikers attended the event, held at Duffy's Ale House in Lindenhurst. No arrests were made inside the restaurant, authorities said.

Nearly 50 law enforcement officers from Suffolk and Nassau counties, as well as state police and MTA police monitored the gathering.

Those who were arrested include six Pagan members from North Carolina and Delaware, two members of the Dirty Ones Motorcycle Club from New Jersey and the Bronx, and one member each from the Steel Wheels in Pennsylvania, Black Sheep in New Jersey and Armored Saints in New Jersey.

The arrests were made within a two-block radius of the restaurant, authorities said. None of the bikers resisted arrest.

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