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11 Babies Born at Same Hospital on 11/11/11

"We have 11 special babies with 11 special stories to tell," said nurse Lynn Antonawich



    11 Babies Born at Same Hospital on 11/11/11
    NBC New York
    There were eleven newborns born on Nov. 11, 2011 at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, Long Island. Some of the babies and their mothers returned for an 11-day reunion Tuesday.

    Eleven 11-day-old babies gathered at Good Samaritan Hospital on Long Island Tuesday to celebrate their lucky 11/11/11 birthdate.

    The eight girls and three boys returned to the West Islip hospital where they were born, each with stories of lucky number 11, told through their happy mothers.

    Nov. 11, Veterans Day, was a particularly special day for one of the newborns: Morgan Shea's dad, Patrick Harris, is in the Navy.

    "She was one of the only military babies born in this hospital on Veterans Day," said Morgan's mother, Siobhan Ayers. "We were in room 511, and my husband deployed on May 11. She was born at 11:59 at 6 pounds and 11 ounces."

    Ayers said she was able to talk to her husband that day, and that "we send him pictures every day."

    Another baby, Katherine, born to Brooke and William Pitta, wasn't due until the 14th, but the doctor had to perform an emergency C-section. Katherine is her grandmother's 11th great-grandchild, said Brooke Pitta.

    Little M'Kenzie LeGendre was a surprise, too: "She was due the 15th," said her mother, Shanice LeGendre. "I have a lot of family members in the military, and this was a special day. It was a surprise."

    "Unfortunately," LeGendre joked, "in the Lotto, you can't get anything with 11-11-11."