$10,000 Reward Offered for Missing Dog

The Longmans of Ridgefield are offering a $10,000 for anyone that brings home their missing dog.

"It's difficult to put a value on a member of your family, and Sadie is a member of our family," said Gayla Longman.

They are hoping the money will get someone's attention. Their Doberman, Sadie, has been missing for nearly two weeks, and they just want her back home.

"For the person who would bring her back to us, it's not too great of an award," said Longman.

The last time they saw Sadie was March 12th around four in the afternoon when all seven of the Longmans' dogs were fed.

When the UPS man came later that night, he was greeted, as usual, by all the dogs. But one was missing. Sadie was nowhere to be found.

"We started calling her right away. But by the time we really started to worry it was 8 o'clock at night because she absolutely should have been back in the house," said Longman.

The Longmans spent till one that morning searching their 30-acre property. They were afraid Sadie was out there hurt. But after days of searching, and still no sign of the floppy-eared Doberman, they called in the hounds.

"They immediately took off in the same direction, first one, then the other and tracked her to the same spot which is a neighboring driveway," said Longman.

Since that property is empty, the Longmans think someone could have taken Sadie, not knowing she has a home. So they posted fliers and sent out mailers to area vets and shelters. They're hoping someone will bring Sadie home.

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