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100 Hour-Long Protest Against Fox News Begins Tuesday Outside News Corp

A public patio area outside of the News Corp. building is the scene of a 100-hour anti-Fox News protest, calling for the resignation of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

The protest began midday Tuesday and will last through Saturday. It will culminate in a rally and march on Saturday at 4 p.m. at Trump Tower.

Refuse Fascism, a New York-based group, is behind the protest and hopes to start a national campaign of resistance.

Protesters took over a patio on the News Corp building for a 100 hour long Anti-Fox News and Anti-Trump protest beginning Tuesday.

The protesters had one clear message with their microphones and signs, they want Trump and Pence to go.

On the signs, there are a series of what the protesters call indictments of Trump and Pence. Some of the accusations relate to domestic issues, such as mass incarceration, others are about foreign policy.

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The protesters are also criticizing Fox News for their coverage of the president. One protester screaming, “Fox News, this is what you call lies incorporated.”

One goal of the protest is to highlight what the protesters consider to be the promotion of "fascism" by the network, according to Sunsara Taylor, a spokesperson for Refuse Fascism.

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Professional piano player Matt Shipp was one of the protesters in attendance and urged those who oppose the president to keep resisting and fighting.

When the protest first started, onlookers had mixed reactions. Several people in the crowd cheered as the protesters called for the resignation of Trump and Pence. However, there were a few people who yelled “Make America Great Again” as they walked by.

Tensions at the protest came to a boil when two members of the crowd got into a verbal argument about the president and his administration.

A representative from Fox News was not immediately available for comment on the protest.

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