Bed Bugs Are Biting on Long Island

Bed bugs are digging in for the long haul in neighborhoods where they once were rare.

Infestations are up 34 percent in New York City, and the bugs appear to be headed east toward Long Island.

Health officials said the migration might have something to do with more people using second-hand items because of the economy.

"You're sleeping in bed with these things, and they're eating you," said Michael Koyles, a Long Island resident who once dealt with an infestation at his home. "And there's thousands ... you wouldn't believe."

Folks can have allergic reactions to the bed bugs when they bite, but if there's any good news, it's that they don't spread disease.

Koyles said he took action once and for all a long time ago.

"The best thing to do is wash your beds twice a week," he said. "We've been doing that for 10 years and we never had them again."

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