Got Bedbugs? Here's What to Do

Bed Bug Advisory

The bed bug outbreak has many New Yorkers concerned -- and wondering where to go to help should they be struck.  It's important to note that bedbugs can live almost anywhere -- baseboards, windows, door frames, unused outlets, luggage, get the idea.  They can also live for weeks or even months without food.

According to the City , tenants whose landlords do not promptly respond to bed bug complaints can call 311 and file a complaint with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development, and may also hire their own professionals.

Here's a roundup of useful links and tips to help keep your posessions safe or to deal with an outbreak if you're home is struck. -- A clearinhouse site with the latest news, forums and history of this nasty infestation. : This Site is a free, public database of bedbug infestations. Use it to check for bedbug reports before booking a hotel room or renting an apartment.
New York City's Bed Bug Fact Sheet:   The city recognizers bed bug incidents are on the rise.  Here's the tip sheet they put out to help Here's where New York City's Housing Authority chimes in on where bedbugs come from and where to stop them once they get in your house.
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