New Anti-Aging Treatment Has Battlefield Roots

Cream developed in search for product that could heal injuries faster

A product originally developed to treat battlefield injuries is now being parlayed into an anti-aging treatment -- and the procedure is on its way to New York.

The "Maximum Cosmetic Recovery" treatment aims to replaces up to two years of lost elastin, a protein that makes skin tighter and smoother.

Developed by a company in Texas, the procedure involves wands that deliver a "microcurrent," combined with a cream, Elastatropin, the laboratory synthesized form of human tropoelastin.Tropoelastin was developed during a Pentagon competition to develop methods to heal wounds and promote tissue regeneration in the treatment of battlefield injuries, the developer, Texas Beautiful Image Inc. said.

At a recent demonstration, Nelson Thibodeaux, TBI president, said the results are immediate.

"We're going to see a mouth that's going to lift up higher, we're going to see a sculpting along the side of the jaw," he said. "The eye will be more open and somewhat lifted."

Thibodeaux said patients will feel tighter skin after a 30- to 45-minute treatment.

The treatment is on its way to New York, but right now the closest place to try it is Boston.

TBI said each treatment costs between $100 and $150. Most people get about 10 treatments.

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