Acai Berry Faithful Preach Juice Product

Is it a worthwhile purchase?

Its makers promise a healthy lifestyle, and some New Yorkers are surely buying into it.

A special blend of fruits -- including the Brazilian acai berry -- packs anti-oxidants into a product called Monavie.

Its makers suggest taking two small drinks from the bottle each day. One bottle lasts a week, and you'll apparently start to feel better after three bottles.

If there's a catch, it might be this: each bottle costs as much as $40. And it's not sold in stores.

"It's whole fruit in a bottle," said William Sohmer, of Staten Island. "It makes me feel great -- superenergized, (I'm) sleeping better and just feel wonderful."

Monavie is distributed through fans like Sohmer, who often talk up the health benefits of the acai berry.

But at least one local health expert said one can get the same benefits using more tried-and-true methods.

"The average consumer could eat for only $2.50 a day, which is only $17.50 a week," Manattan dietitian Keri Gans said. "They can eat the dietary recommendations for fruits and vegetables."

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