Florida's 1st Zika Outbreak Almost Over, Officials Say - NBC New York

Florida's 1st Zika Outbreak Almost Over, Officials Say

"The clock is ticking" on the outbreak in Miami's Wynwood district



    5 Facts About the Zika Virus

    The first known case of Zika virus in a human was discovered in 1952 in Uganda and Tanzania, but a recent outbreak that drew international attention to Brazil began in 2015. Since then the virus has spread rapidly across the Americas. Here are some basic facts about Zika and some tips for protecting yourself if you are in an affected area. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2016)

    The mainland United States's first official outbreak of Zika virus may be declared over by early next week, NBC News reported.

    But another, in Miami Beach, is going strong, and on Thursday Florida health officials reported seven more Zika cases acquired locally, one of which involves a visitor from out of state.

    It's been almost 45 days since Zika first started spreading locally, in Miami's Wynwood district, and "the clock is ticking" on that outbreak, Lillian Rivera, of the Florida Department of Health, told a Miami Beach City Council meeting Wednesday.

    If no one new is infected in Wynwood by Monday, after the 45-day period that represents three full incubation periods for Zika virus, it can be declared free of active Zika transmission. Dr. Anne Schuchat of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that countdown Thursday.