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Whole Foods Removes Yogurt from Shelves Amid Sugar Probe



    Whole Foods Removes Yogurt from Shelves Amid Sugar Probe
    The nutritional label on Whole Foods 365 Everyday Vale Plain Greek Yogurt.

    Organic supermarket giant Whole Foods has removed a version of its store-brand yogurt from shelves after lawsuits were filed in local courts over the dairy product's sugar content.

    A company spokesperson tells NBC10.com Friday that the Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt is not being sold as they investigate how much sugar is in each serving.

    Two class-action lawsuits were filed earlier this month on behalf of Pennsylvania and New Jersey shoppers.

    The suits were brought forth after testing by Consumer Reports found yogurt samples to contain six times the sugar content that was displayed on the nutrition label. The label said 2 grams of sugar was in one container of the product, but the group's analysis found 11.4 grams per serving.

    The lawsuit alleges the supermarket knew the label was wrong, but continued to sell the product.

    Whole Foods has declined to comment on the specifics of the case, but the spokesperson previously said they were working to determine the discrepancy between their test results and what Consumer Reports found.

    Attorneys for the lawsuits are seeking $100 per plaintiff and could represent some 35,000 people. Should they win, the supermarket chain could be forced to pay $3.5 million.

    The company spokesperson said several other Greek yogurt options remain stocked for customers in the meantime.