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A Rare Bipartisan Agreement Reached, Briefly, on Abortion

A ban on providing federal funds for abortions has prevented 1 million abortions, some estimate



    Rare Bipartisan Agreement Reached, Momentarily, on Abortion Funding
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    In this Jan. 22, 2009 file photo, pro-choice activist Lisa King holds a sign in front of the U.S. Supreme Court as a pro-life activist holds a rose nearby during the annual "March for Life" event in Washington, D.C.

    Abortion rights advocates and opponents in Congress reached a rare bipartisan consensus at a Friday hearing: Both sides agreed on the effectiveness of a ban on federal abortion funding.

    Known as the Hyde Amendment, the 40-year-old law restricting federal funding for abortions has shown to be effective in curbing the number of abortions performed, both sides agreed. For anti-abortion Republicans, the policy’s functionality proves its success. But for abortion rights supporters, it’s a sign that women are simply being denied health care, NBC News reported.

    Rep. Trent Franks said the fact that abortion hasn’t become a major issue in this general election campaign is disappointing.

    “The American people deserve to know where the candidates stand, in the most important election this century and in the last century,” he said. Franks presided over the House judiciary subcommittee hearing Friday morning.