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False Fountain Of Youth In Anti-Aging Hormones

The AMA comes down hard on those who say otherwise



    False Fountain Of Youth In Anti-Aging Hormones
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    Save your money--popular anti-aging hormones might do you more harm than good.

    The American Medical Association burst the bubble of all those who put their faith in anti-aging hormones.

    The doctors' group announced Monday that there is no scientific evidence that popular hormones like HGH, DHEA and Testosterone preserve youth, according to The Associated Press.

    Human growth hormone marketed as something that can make you feel "stronger and rejuvenated," can do more harm than good, the AMA said. Risks associated with long-term use include diabetes and tissue swelling.

    Even the bio-identical hormones marketed as a safer alternative to estrogen and progesterone took a beating. The AMA said there is no evidence that they were any safer than the other hormones that are known to cause long-term health risks.

    It might not be what boomers want to hear, but now that you know the truth, consider yourself not only older, but wiser.