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A Glass of Red Wine Could Help Smokers

White wine doesn't reduce the risk, researchers say.



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    A glass of red wine.

    Drinking at least one glass of red wine daily could help fight off lung cancer among smokers, according to a new study.

    Smokers who drank one or more glasses of red wine a day were 60 percent less likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer than smokers who didn't drink alcohol, Dr. Chun Chao of Kaiser Permanente Southern California in Pasadena and colleagues found, according to Reuters.

    White wine didn't have the same positive impact. Researchers believe compounds, including resveratrol and flavonoids, contained in the red wine could be the responsible for helping ward off lung cancer.

    The distinction between red and white wine "suggests that compounds that are present at high concentrations in red wine but not in white wine, beer or liquors may be protective against lung carcinogenesis," Chao and her team noted.