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Sexy and Green: Top 10 Eco Hotties on Twitter



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    In observance of NBC's Green Week, we've collected ten of the most active eco-evangelical twitter users whose good looks are equalled only by their dedication to sustaining the earth's own beauty. Composed of activists, writers and entrepreneurs, these ladies set the enviro-trends online. Read on, go green.

    Kelly Drennan, @ecofashionista
    Ecofashion activist and founder of Fashion Takes Action
    Location: Toronto

    Sample Tweet:
    RT @SUGARMOONSALON: Body Sugaring: 100% natural, no double dip, no strips, completly sanitary, prevent ingrown hairs

    Sheila V. Flores, @EcoGlamourista
    The latest in sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
    Location: New York City

    Sample Tweet:
    Cool ecofriendly electronics!...RT @ModernEcoHomes.

    Whitney Lauritsen, @ecovegangal
    Eco-friendly, vegan, filmmaker
    Location: Los Angeles

    Sample Tweet:
    Save over 50% on food by eating healthy :

    Hillary Newman, @ecowarrior
    On the hunt for whats hot and fresh in the Green Space.
    Location: Los Angeles

    Sample Tweet:
    A must-read, 'Forking Fantastic!: Put the Party Back in Dinner Party'-

    Stefanie, @focusorganic
    self declared geek and greenie nature lover
    Location: St. Louis

    Sample Tweet:
    Crazy fact - Every year we make enough plastic film to shrink-wrap the state of Texas.

    Summer Rayne Oakes, @sroakes
    Adventurer for social good. Entrepreneur. Model-activist. Host on Discovery Network's Planet Green.
    Location: New York City

    Sample Tweet:
    Gucci cuts carbon footprint by banning these bags!

    Olivia Zaleski, @OliviaZaleski
    CNN host
    Location: New York City

    Sample Tweet:
    WOMEN WHO AMAZE ME: @ZainabSalbi, Founder and CEO of Women for Women International

    Nicole McCallum, @NikkiJade
    cofounder of TheGreenRocket
    Location: Waterloo, Ontario

    Sample Tweet:
    Interesting, albeit economically flawed--Scroogenomics: bad gifts cost the world economy $25-billion

    Siel, @greenLAgirl
    Environmental blogger and writer in SoCal
    LocationSanta Monica

    Sample Tweet:
    Hard plastic, soft men: BPA linked to male sexual dysfunction

    Joanna Yarrow, @joannayarrow
    Writer, broadcaster, consultant & founder of Beyond Green
    Location: London

    Sample Tweet:
    @kgkateglenn Sadly even locally grown wine seems to give me a hangover when imbibed at the rate / volume I was chugging down last night...