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Getting Cuffed Just Got Greener

The NYPD will soon use a new fleet of hybrid cars on patrol



    Getting Cuffed Just Got Greener
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    The NYPD is testing new hybrid cars it could potentially put on patrol in place of its current gas-guzzlers.

    Arrested? Look on the bright side. Your carbon footprint is now a little smaller.

    The NYPD will soon unveil a new fleet of hybrid cars it's testing for full-time use on patrol, the New York Post reported.

    Forty environmentally-friendly 2009 Nissan Altimas -- fuel-efficient hybrids that get more bank for their gas bucks -- will hit city streets in the next two weeks as part of the NYPD's new "green" initiative.

    The men in blue already use some hybrid cars on the force, but this marks the first time the green cars will be used on patrol, the Post reports.

    The Nissan Altimas drive a reported 35 miles per gallon, doubling the 16 to 18 miles per gallon the current fleet of Chevy Impalas and Ford Crown Victorias get.

    The city has spent a reported $1.1 million on the cars, which the NYPD will test to see if they work on the police beat.

    "We won't know whether they are suitable for wider use until they are subjected to the NYPD's demanding environment, which includes virtual 24-hour-a-day operation by multiple drivers," NYPD spokesman Paul Browne told the Post.

    Eighteen of the new hybrids will be used as marked patrol cars and will run the city an approximate $30,000 per car, the Post reports. The 20 unmarked Altimas cost more than $25,000 each and the 2 cars disguised as yellow cabs tallied a $28,600 cost per car.