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Get On Your Green Machine

Zero Motorcycles offers a rough and tumble electric motorcycle for 2009



    Get On Your Green Machine
    Zero Motorcycles
    Do your environmental duty by riding an all-electric motorcycle that can take a beating, or so the company says. Meet the 2009 Zero S Electric Motorcycle.

    Saving the environment and looking cool are now going hand-in-hand. Behold the Zero "S" -- a street legal, all-electric motorcycle that can travel up to 60 miles per hour.  And its ready to roll now.

    Zero Motorcycles, a company based out of Santa Cruz, Calif., says the "S" model is already back-ordered. It will cost close to $10,000 but can be yours for about $7,500 with tax rebates and government incentives.

    It will go 60 miles on a single charge and require virtually no maintenance.

    "This bike is really for street bike activity.  It can take potholes, stairs, its really an urban assault kind of motorcycle," said Gene Banman, Zero Motorcycles CEO.

    The "S" will recharge in about four hours and at just 225 pounds, the bike is quick. But if you're looking for that Harley sound, you'll have to settle for silence and the absence of a gas bill.

    Think of it as an environmentally friendly hog, letting you go fast -- while you go green!