Yonkers EMS Crews Arrive Just in Time to Help Deliver Baby in Couple's Living Room

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A Yonkers family welcomed a baby boy into their lives on Thursday, and even though he's not even a day old yet, little Anthony Ruben has got a story to tell.

Anthony's parents said this was their third child, and considering their last one took 12 hours to deliver, they thought they had more time. But turns out, Anthony was in a bit of a hurry, and within minutes of mom's water breaking, he was already crowning.

Just as that was happening, the ambulance arrived.

"I clocked it, we got about three minutes, 20 seconds on the contractions, and we knew that she's not going anywhere — we're gonna do this here and now," said Yonkers firefighter James Courtien, who was one of the first responders who came to the house. He was alongside paramedic Yaritza Abreu — who had never delivered a child before.

"Although I'm trained to do this, your first is always nerve-wracking and it's always different," she told NBC New York. "You kinda just, you freeze (and think) OK, what am I doing?"

The firefighters and EMTs all worked together to keep mom calm throughout the ordeal.

"Ass I did was really hold her hand, and she kinda crushed mine," said Lt. William McCue.

Soon, little Anthony came out, but there was a complication: the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.

"When I see the baby come out first, first instinct was, oh my God! But we were able to undo it, heard that cry and it's like, we're good," Abreu said.

Anthony is now healthy and happy, while Abreu and the firefighters marveled at a job well done.

"I've been telling everyone today that I delivered a baby," she said. "To have a newborn in your responsibility, it's a lot. But I'm actually glad that it happened now because I have so much more confidence. I am ready for the next one."

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