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WATCH: Student Orchestra Plays Concert Aboard Plane Delayed on Newark Airport Tarmac

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It wasn't a planned performance, but a group of students was ready to give a once-in-a-lifetime show.

On June 22, young musicians with the Music City Strings group out of Nashville, Tennessee, and their families were aboard a flight at Newark Liberty International Airport. They were on a big trip to perform at a festival in Croatia — but their flight was delayed.

Making matter worse, they had to deal with the 90-minute delay while sitting on the tarmac, packed on a plane with many other fliers just as frustrated as they were.

Eventually, the flight crew suggested the 18 talented teens give a mini performance. Because what better way to pass the time?

And it ended up being a hit, as everyone on board tried getting a good view. Video showed the performers playing the music from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise — an upbeat tune that seemed to help lighten the mood and alleviate at least some of the frustration on board.

"It was a lot of joy playing because we got to help people feel happy when they would be bored," said Sam Coplan, one of the student performers.

After being somewhat stunned at first, people began recording the impromptu concert by the teen, many of whom needed lots of support to even afford the trip.

"I hope that people will be inspired how important the arts are, and all the behind the scenes that go into it," said Lauren Coplan, Sam's mother.

Lauren Coplan didn't miss a beat as stage mom for her 12-year-old violinist daughter, recording every moment of the two-song performance. She said she was proud of her daughter and the group overall for detouring the delay and lifting everyone's spirits.

"Just an example that bad things can turn into good things," Coplan said.

Pilots came over the airplane intercom to thank the passengers for their patience, and the musicians for the concert, before the plane eventually took off.

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