‘This Is Actually Happening:' Man Throws Money Into Air for NJ Mall Shoppers to Grab

Just as he appeared out of nowhere to shower goodwill upon shoppers, the woman who recorded the unusually nice gesture said he "disappeared, like Santa Claus"

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It was a rainy Mother's Day throughout the tri-state on Sunday, but what fell on shoppers in one New Jersey mall wasn't precipitation — it was cash.

The money rained down upon shoppers at the Freehold Raceway Mall during the afternoon. It's not known how much was so generously shared, but a man was seen for about a minute throwing bills into the air from the second floor in an unusually kind gesture.

"We were just like literally shocked for a minute...a lot of people were mainly shocked. Like, wow, this is actually happening," said Sarah Mostafa, who filmed what was going on as she was in line at Starbucks.

She said that others who weren't as stunned were going and picking up the apparently free money.

"I just thought it was a good moment to capture someone doing something good for a change," Mostafa said. "It was just really, really sweet, I think. He was like, 'Happy Mother's Day!' and started showering money."

The man didn't state his name or why he was just giving away money. Mostafa said that another woman in line, possibly a worker at the mall, told her he's done the same thing on other holidays.

NBC New York reached out to the mall about whether they had any clue as to the man's identity, but the mall did not immediately respond.

But just as he appeared out of nowhere to shower goodwill upon shoppers, Mostafa said he "disappeared, like Santa Claus."

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