Burning Brooklyn Brownstone Jolts Uber Driver Off LaGuardia Course — and Makes Him a Hero

Perhaps the cherry on top of the amazing story? He still got his passenger to the airport on time to make her flight

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A New York City Uber driver went above and beyond on a recent ride — and not just providing snacks or offering a phone charger. He likely saved lives.

It was a ride that driver Fritz Sam won't soon forget. As he was heading to drop off a passenger Wednesday at LaGuardia Airport, he noticed a brownstone on fire in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood.

"It was not my plan. I had no intention of going in there, but something had to be done and I just moved," Sam said. "It looked serious, whatever was happening inside, it looked serious from the outside...I just wanted people in the building to be aware of what was happening. People were shouting 'Get out, there's a fire!'"

Without hesitating, he pulled over and ran inside — even as flames could be seen shooting out. Despite the thick smoke, he helped evacuate the home as first responders arrived.

"You can’t help but think, you hope there’s no explosion. I just had to focus on the people that’s it," Sam said. "All I wanted to do was do the right thing, display some courage. I was afraid, but there was a moment where I had to put it aside and focus on the task."

His passenger commended his heroic actions, saying "he was really great, he was awesome." She said that fire personnel arrived after he got out, and they agreed that the people would be in safe hands, so they could continue their trip to the airport.

"So we got into the Uber, and he was like, 'Do I smell like smoke?'," said Jemimah Wei. "I was like, 'Dude, seriously? It's fine, you just saved a life."

Sam called himself a "very spiritual person," just trying to help and not get himself or anyone else hurt. But said he never had any delusions of grandeur.

"I’m not trying to be silly or even a hero — I just wanted to do the right thing," he said.

Perhaps the cherry on top of the amazing story? He still got Wei to the airport on time to make her flight.

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