Connecticut Restaurant Server Shocked After Customer Leaves $1,000 Tip

NBC Universal, Inc.

Forget a 10, 15 or 20 percent tip — a server at a Connecticut restaurant is still in disbelief after getting a 200 percent tip from a customer.

Michelle Rodrigues works at RHK Seafood Boil and bar in South Norwalk. During lunch on Tuesday, she said she waited on a fun family table of 10.

When the paid their $500 bill, she was left in shock when she looked at the tip and saw the wild amount: $1,000. She immediately thought it couldn't be right.

"I went to go clean up the table and saw the check and was like, no, there's way. I ran after (the customer) because I was shocked and I was like, maybe he made a mistake," Rodrigues told NBC New York. "I went after him, and said 'Sir, I think you did it wrong.' He looked at the bill and was like, 'No, enjoy your life.' And he left, I was so shocked and paralyzed."

Rodrigues is a junior in college studying biomedical science online at a school in Brazil. She said she plans to use the generous tip to pay for four months of her tuition.

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