Cow Runs Loose in Queens

The animal escaped from a local slaughterhouse.

An animal on a mission to escape from a Queens slaughterhouse on Wednesday led butchers on a chase through busy streets before being captured at a nearby college.

The bovine animal, which was either a bull or a cow, galloped along cars and pedestrians down busy Liberty Avenue in Jamaica. It was caught on video by a tow truck driver who was parked nearby.
The driver with Vice Towing was standing on the flat of his truck when he saw the animal run towards him. He got back in the truck, where he took video on his cell phone.
"We were all screaming," said the driver, who identified himself as Moe. Animals sometimes escape from a nearby slaughterhouse, he said, but none as big as this.
"We've seen a few chickens roaming around, but no cow."
John Cohen, who was also in the truck, said butchers and the man working behind a nearby Halal cart tried in vain to capture it.
"This thing was charging, spit flying out of its mouth," he said. "It was crazy."
Video showed the animal later appeared on the campus of York College in Jamaica, where it was finally caught.
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