NYPD Brass Commands Officers to Wear Masks Amid Criticisms of Low Compliance

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The NYPD sent out a video Friday to all officers citywide demanding they wear masks, as the department faced criticism that those who are tasked with enforcing mask rules were not wearing the protective gear themselves.

NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan was seen on the video sternly reminding his officers that 46 members of the police force have died from COVID-19.

"This is why we all must wear a face covering when in public areas, department facilities and where social distancing is not possible," Monahan said in the video. "NYPD cops will lead the way. Thank you for all you do for this city, stay safe and wear your mask."

The video, obtained exclusively by NBC New York, is part of a full-court press from the NYPD after complaints ranging from everyday citizens all the way to Gov. Andrew Cuomo started piling up.

"What message are you sending to us, that's what we want to know," said Staten Island resident Shania Gard.

The governor voice his frustration over the situation during a press conference this week, as the city and and state meanwhile have been battling large upticks in COVID cases and battling to get citizens to wear masks.

"Why don't the NYPD wear masks? What signal does that send?" Cuomo asked angrily.

Similarly, Mayor Bill de Blasio also called out the NYPD officers.

These are the folks who enforce the law, they also have to live up to the law, and people need to see them living up to the law," de Blasio said.

Chief Monahan said that although the NYPD does not have thousands of cops out sick with the coronavirus now, as it was the case at the start of the pandemic, many are still testing positive for COVID-19.

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