Nearly 2/3 of All Manhattan Office Workers Expected Back After Labor Day, Survey Says

The Partnership for New York City said 63% of major Manhattan employers plan to require their workers back in the office three days per week

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The days of remote work for many of Manhattan's office workers may be numbered, according to a new survey of the island's largest employers.

A whopping 62% of Manhattan's roughly 1 million office workers could be back in person by the end of September, a Partnership for New York City survey revealed Monday. That number is up from 45% predicted several months ago.

In what could be a sign of the future of office work, the survey found that 71% of employers plan to adopt a hybrid model for staff to split their time between the office and remote work. The majority of that group said they would require employees in the office three days per week.

On the flip side, a quarter of employers in Manhattan said staff would be required to return to the office full time. The smallest grouping, just 4% of surveyed employers, would not require employees back in the office at all.

A previous survey from the Partnership for New York City found that only 10% of Manhattan's office workforce had returned. As of late May, that figure was up to 12%.

Before summer comes to a close, it's estimated that 29% of workers could be back in the office by the end of July.

Public transportation weighs heavy in the minds of returning workers. The vast majority (84%) of employers say that their employees have raised concerns over personal safety as it relates to returning to the office.

Also notable in the survey, only 15% of employers surveyed said vaccinations against COVID-19 would be required for all employees.

The nonprofit organization conducted its survey between May 17 and June 2.

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