Here Are the NYC-Area Bars to Have Liquor Licenses Suspended Due to COVID Violations

Gov. Cuomo and the New York State Liquor Authority have pulled the liquor licenses of dozens of New York-area bars since March

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has voiced concern about young people congregating in bars, has been firm in his efforts to keep coronavirus from spreading throughout the state once again — whether through quarantines on travelers coming from hotspots across the country to shutting down establishments that have repeated COVID violations.

Cuomo and the New York State Liquor Authority have pulled the liquor licenses of 148 New York bars and other businesses since March.

“That is a very serious situation, that means they can’t operate,” Cuomo said. “I’m sorry it’s come to this. But it’s a dangerous situation.”

Cuomo has said the state will close restaurants and bars once they hit three violations, while a single egregious violation can also result in immediate closure.

Governor Cuomo shut down bars in Queens and Suffolk County, saying it's "downright dangerous." NBC New York's Andrew Siff reports.

"New Yorkers have worked hard to flatten the curve, but the bars and restaurants that ignore public health guidance are disrespecting their sacrifices which have saved lives while allowing us to sustain the reopening of our economy," Gov. Cuomo said. "Local governments must enforce the law, but the task force has stepped up its efforts and with these additional suspensions we are sending a clear message that the State will not hesitate to take action against businesses that put New Yorkers' health and safety at risk."

Here is the list of those in and around the city that have faced the steepest punishment from Cuomo and the state so far:

  • 21 Greenpoint - Brooklyn (Greenpoint)
  • 75 Main Group - Southampton (Suffolk County)
  • Aliada - Queens (Astoria)
  • Amata - Manhattan (Midtown)
  • Anaiah Restaurant - Brooklyn (Bedford-Stuyvesant)
  • Angiolina's Restaurant - Bronx (Mt. Eden)
  • Antojitos De San Cecilio – Queens (Woodhaven)
  • Atlantic Bar – Westchester (Ossining)
  • Atlantis – Queens (Jamaica)
  • Bar Tabac – Brooklyn (Boerum Hill)
  • Beer Garden at Bohemian Hall - Queens (Ditmars Steinway)
  • Bestia Kitchen - Bronx (Highbridge)
  • Bettolona - Manhattan (Morningside Heights)
  • Blue Angel Lounge – Queens (Corona)
  • Brasier Ceviche Wine Bar - Manhattan (Inwood)
  • Brik Bar – Queens (Astoria)
  • Brothers Taverna - Queens (Astoria)
  • Cafe Expresso - Queens (Astoria)
  • Capelli's Cafe - Queens (Corona)
  • Cielo Ristorante - Staten Island (Dongan hills)
  • CJ’s Bar and Lounge – Queens (Ozone Park)
  • Cloister Cafe - Manhattan (East Village)
  • Congress - Brooklyn (Cobble Hill)
  • Dark Bullet Sake and Oyster Bar - Manhattan (Upper West Side)
  • De La Mora Restaurant – Queens (Jackson Heights)
  • Delicia’s Mexicanas – Queens (Corona)
  • Dominie's - Queens (Astoria)
  • El Abuelo Gozon – Queens (Jackson Heights)
  • El Ambiente Restaurant Patio and Lounge - Brooklyn (Cypress Hills)
  • El Marquez - Queens (Jackson Heights)
  • El Otro Rollo – Queens (Jackson Heights)
  • El Paisa Café – Queens (Jackson Heights)
  • El Palo Bar – Queens (Corona)
  • El Patio Bar – Queens (Jackson Heights)
  • El Porton Bar & Restaurant - Bronx (Longwood)
  • El Salvador Restaurant De Marina - Brooklyn (Bushwick)
  • El Trono De Mexico Sports Bar - Queens (Woodside)
  • El Viejo Gran Cafe - Bronx (Mott Haven)
  • Elliot's - Freeport (Nassau County)
  • End Zone - Queens (Whitestone)
  • Esquina Tequila - Queens (Long Island City)
  • Faro Sports Bar & Lounge - Brooklyn (Cypress Hills)
  • Fokkus Room & Cucine - Bronx (University Heights)
  • George Keeley's - Manhattan (Upper West Side)
  • Gold Room BK - Brooklyn (Prospect Lefferts Gardens)
  • Gossip – Manhattan (Hell's Kitchen)
  • Gran Torino - Brooklyn (Williamsburg)
  • The Grand – Queens (Astoria)
  • Grill on the Hill – Manhattan (Hamilton Heights)
  • The Hairy Lemon - Manhattan (East Village)
  • Halsey Bar & Grill - Brooklyn (East Flatbush)
  • Hi Life Bar & Grill – Manhattan (Upper West Side)
  • Izzy's Fried Chicken - Brooklyn (Crown Heights)
  • Juanito's Grocery - Manhattan (Inwood)
  • The Juicy Box - Brooklyn (Flatlands)
  • Kabu Bar Lounge – Queens (Jackson Heights)
  • La Casa Del Mofongo - Manhattan (Fort George)
  • La Espiga 3 Estrellas - Bronx (Longwood)
  • La Fogata Restaurant & Café - Brooklyn (Bushwick)
  • La Perla Del Ulua Restaurant - Brooklyn (Bushwick)
  • La Sabrosura - Bronx (Mount Eden)
  • Ladies Sports Bar – Queens (Jamaica)
  • Lalile Steakhouse – Queens (East Elmhurst)
  • Las' Lap - Manhattan (Lower East Side)
  • Lasagna Restaurant - Manhattan (Chelsea)
  • Lima – Queens (Jackson Heights)
  • Lucky Seven Restaurant & Bar - Manhattan (Fort George)
  • M.I.A. Lounge – Queens (Astoria)
  • Made in Mexico - Manhattan (Inwood)
  • Maiden Lane - Manhattan (East Village)
  • Mally's Deli & Grocery - Brooklyn (Bushwick)
  • Mangu Patio - Queens (College Point)
  • Marie's - Staten Island (St. George)
  • Marina Cafe - Staten Island
  • Maspeth Pizza House – Queens (Maspeth)
  • Metapan Pizzeria – Westchester (New Rochelle)
  • Mio Posto - Long Beach (Nassau County)
  • Mr. Pancho’s Café – Queens (Jackson Heights)
  • Nello – Manhattan (Upper East Side)
  • New Heights of NY - Brooklyn (Crown Heights)
  • Noree Thai Bazaar - Manhattan (Lower East Side)
  • NY Pizza Café & Spanish Food Restaurant - Brooklyn (Bushwick)
  • The New Elbo Room - Albany
  • O'Side Lounge - Bronx (Highbridge)
  • Olivia's - Bronx (Soundview)
  • Palace of Zuly - Queens (Ridgewood)
  • Palm Court Restaurant & Lounge - Queens (Jamaica)
  • Parq – Bronx (Throgs Neck)
  • Pazza Notte - Manhattan (Midtown)
  • Phoenix Bar & Restaurant - Bronx (Highbridge)
  • Picante - Manhattan (Hamilton Heights)
  • Privileged Gentleman's Club - Queens (Sunnyside)
  • The Pomeroy – Queens (Astoria)
  • Ponte Vecchio Restaurant - Brooklyn (Bay Ridge)
  • Posh - Manhattan (Hell's Kitchen)
  • Pyramids Hookah and Bar - Queens (Bayside)
  • Rancho – Queens (Richmond Hill)
  • Regular Visitors – Brooklyn (Boerum Hill)
  • Republic – Queens (Astoria)
  • Rico Pollo - Brooklyn (Cypress Hills)
  • Romanticos – Queens (Jackson Heights)
  • Roy's Restaurant & Bar - Bronx (Tremont)
  • RubiRosa - Queens (Jackson Heights)
  • Shinsen - Manhattan (Bowery)
  • Signature & Faberge - Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay)
  • Solace Bar & Grill - Manhattan (Hamilton Heights)
  • Spicy Moon Vegan - Manhattan (Greenwich Village)
  • St. Dymphna's - Manhattan (East Village)
  • Tempest Bar - Manhattan (Midtown)
  • Tequila Sunrise - Bronx
  • True Colors - Queens (Jackson Heights)
  • Union Grounds – Brooklyn (Carroll Gardens)
  • Villa's Lounge 2 - Manhattan (Washington Heights)
  • Village Green - Queens (Whitestone)
  • The Wayland - Manhattan (East Village)
  • White Horse Tavern – Manhattan (West Village)
  • Yeras Restaurant and Sports Bar - Queens (Jackson Heights)

According to the New York State Liquor Authority, all of the establishments had similar complaints logged against them, including servers and employees not wearing masks, big crowds gathering outside, staying open and serving drinks past the 11 p.m. curfew, not serving food with beverages and having party, club-like atmospheres. Most had repeated violations against them as well, the state said.

Another Steinway Street bar, Fusion Lounge, was to have its license suspended as well for similar reasons. It turned out that joint was already operating under an expired liquor license. The state won't allow it to be renewed.

There was also another establishment, Secrets Gentlemen's Club in Suffolk County's Deer Park, which was among one of the wildest offenders in the state.

An undercover inspection there revealed patrons and employees inside were not wearing face coverings, including the dancers, who were performing close together, using the same poles and giving lap dances — all of which went against the governor's executive order and health guidelines. The owner claimed that the actions must have taken place after he left, despite already being caught on video buying drinks for the undercover agents and bragging about getting away with the violations.

Aside from the brick-and-mortar establishments, the owners and captain of the Liberty Belle party boat were arrested in the Lower East side after hosting a large party on board. The owners of the boat will not have their liquor license renewed as well.

The suspensions for establishments found to be in violation of the governor's COVID orders are immediate and indefinite, with the maximum penalty including permanent loss of the liquor license and fines of up to $10,000 per violation.

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