COVID-19 Spreading Faster Than Ever in US, NBC Numbers Show

In other coronavirus news: Wyoming is having a surge in cases, most Americans know somebody with COVID-19 and the elderly are dying 'of isolation'

RN Treva Rivers administers a COVID-19 test

COVID-19 infections are spreading across the United States at the fastest rate since the start of the pandemic, the latest NBC News figures showed Tuesday.

The 71,000 new cases per day that the U.S. averaged over the past week was the most in any seven-day stretch since the crisis started and stood in stark contrast to President Donald Trump’s repeated claims that “we are rounding the turn” on the pandemic.

And no part of the country has gone untouched by this latest surge in new coronavirus cases.

Wyoming, which had relatively few cases until recently, reported a 475 percent spike in COVID-19 deaths in the last 14 days, the numbers showed. Nine deaths were reported Monday in Wyoming, boosting the state’s total number of coronavirus fatalities to 77, the NBC numbers showed. Of those, five were elderly residents of a long-term care facility in Big Horn County, the Wyoming Department of Health reported. Also on Monday, the state set a single day record for new cases for the second time in less than a week, with 436.

Those numbers are tiny compared to Texas and California, which have the most cases in the country, but Wyoming with 579,000 residents is the nation’s least populated state.

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