Connecticut Will Have Proof-Of-Vaccination Cellphone App

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Connecticut residents soon will be able to show their vaccination status using a cellphone app, though whether it’s required will be up to businesses, restaurants and other establishments.

Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont announced Friday the app will be available by the end of the year. Lamont hasn’t followed the example of Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, who has reinstituted a statewide mask mandate beginning Monday.

Lamont said the cellphone app will give restaurants and stores the tools they need to determine what restrictions to put in place, if any.

“Let them make the right decision in terms of allowing people into their facility," Lamont said at a news conference. "Letting them have the information that if a person’s unvaccinated, they’ve got to wear a mask.”

The digital passport, which Lamont said he prefers to call a digital health card since the term passport has become politicized, will use a QR code and will be tied into the state's vaccination database.

Rhode Island plans to roll out a similar app, and Massachusetts is expected to follow suit, the Hartford Courant reported. New York introduced a passport verification app about eight months ago.

At least a dozen states have banned proof-of-vaccination requirements.

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