SavvyAuntie Helps the Favorite Aunt Give the Best Gifts this Holiday Season

SavvyAuntie has been one of my favorite sites for a while, helping me find the perfect gifts for my friends’ and family’s children and giving me helpful advice as well. Now the site is stepping up its game with the release of its Savvy Holiday Gift Ideas guide.

SavvyAuntie is saving the day for all of the aunts, godmothers, and other women who love kids (and who also love sending them home after visiting). The Savvy Holiday Gift Ideas Guide keeps the cool aunt in the loop on what gifts are hot for kids right now, making sure to keep up that cool aunt image no matter what.

The guide also helps users stick to a budget by letting shoppers sort by price (this will come in handy as we all tighten our belts a bit this Holiday season). You can also filter your results further. Once you’ve found your price range you can add filters for age, gift category, the child’s favorite color, the child’s personality and more.

Members will also be able to rate gifts, leave comments, and generally help each other shop. You can also save a gift to your favorites to go back and decide on purchase later, which is a handy feature for the cautious shopper. Another handy feature for cautious shoppers is the “Ask a Parent” section, which lets you confirm whether the gift is a good idea or not according to parents.

I think the SavvyAuntie site is helpful for more than just aunts, friends and godmothers. It can also help the clueless uncle or father out there who doesn’t know quite what to buy. It’s hard to keep up with what is cool and hip as kids grow up, and the fact that SavvyAuntie CEO Melanie Notkin hand picks the gifts for the site ensures that someone always has your back when it’s time to buy gifts.

It may not even be Halloween yet, but Christmas is coming up fast. SavvyAuntie is working on giving early shoppers a head start, and on helping you not only pick the right gift, but find it at the right price for your budget. In a year when it’s wiser to give one or two great gifts instead of a large stack of wrong ones, SavvyAuntie is giving you a place to find out what those perfect gifts are.

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