Fiat's New Google-Branded Cars Let You Talk to Your Car Remotely With ‘Hey Google' — Take a Look

Source: Fiat

Tech companies like Google have been putting their technology in cars for years, but a new collaboration marks the first time drivers will be able to motor around in an actual Google-branded car.

Fiat recently unveiled the new special edition Fiat 500 "Hey Google" family of vehicles, which have Google Assistant technology that lets owners communicate with their cars remotely and bear Google logos and design features on both the outside and inside of the cars.

The Italian automaker, owned by Stellantis, announced the collaboration with Google on Wednesday, with a press release touting its three new special edition Fiat 500s — the Fiat 500, the 500X crossover, and the 500L multi-purpose vehicle — as "where Google technology meets the coolness."

The three cars, which range in size from the two-door, subcompact Fiat 500 to the four-door crossover SUV 500X, all feature plenty of Google technology.

They have a 7-inch touchscreen on the cars' dashboards that comes with Google Assistant built in. That allows users to connect with their car's dashboard via Google's digital assistant on their smartphones or Google Nest Hub.

Source: Fiat

Fiat and Google say drivers of the new cars can even interact with their vehicles remotely.

"Wherever you are, even sitting on the sofa at home, just say the words 'Hey Google, ask My Fiat…', to find out, for example, where the car was parked; how much fuel is available; where is the nearest authorized workshop; how many [miles] we have covered in the day," Fiat says in its press release.

The company adds that drivers can even ask Google Assistant to ask their car if they remembered to close the car doors or trunk.

Beyond the tecnology, the Fiat 500 "Hey Google" cars all feature small, circular "Hey Google" logos on each side of the vehicle, just in front of the side mirrors, as well as other elements decorated with Google's logo colors.

Source: Fiat
The cars' pillars are "decorated with elements inspired by Google's colors."
The Fiat 'Hey Google' cars feature upholstery with designs inspired by Google's brand colors.
Source: Fiat
The Fiat 'Hey Google' cars feature upholstery with designs inspired by Google's brand colors.

The cars also come with a "Welcome Kit" featuring a Hey Google-branded tote bag, a key cover and a Google Nest Hub.

The cars come with Google-branded welcome kits.
Source: Fiat
The cars come with Google-branded welcome kits.

The companies add that the new special edition Hey Google Fiat 500s will "soon be available" in 10 European countries, including the U.K., France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland.

Google and Fiat did not announce pricing for the new vehicles. A spokesperson for Fiat did not immediately respond to Make It's request for comment on whether the cars would be sold in the U.S.

Google has previously partnered with auto companies, such as Ford and General Motors, putting the tech company's Android Auto software into cars to allow drivers to connect with in-car infotainment displays and even use voice commands to control the car's music, navigation, or other accessories when inside the car.

Apple (which is reportedly building its own car) makes a similar in-car software platform, called Apple CarPlay, while Amazon also offers Alexa Auto.

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