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R.I.P. Encarta: 1993-2009



    R.I.P. Encarta: 1993-2009
    Microsoft Encarta
    Microsoft will stop selling Encarta software in June.

    When you need an encyclopedia, what do you think of? Wikipedia? The Encyclopaedia Britannica?

    How about Microsoft Encarta?

    When you brought home your new Packard Bell in the 90s, the latter was probably at the top of your list, with the software distributed on a CD-ROM.

    Today, not so much.

    Microsoft on Monday announced that it was waving a white flag and killing off the Encarta product later this year. All Encarta Web sites will be turned off on Oct. 31, except for Encarta Japan, which will live on until New Year's Eve, when Britannica and Wikipedia will no doubt be doing double-duty celebrating.

    Microsoft will stop selling Encarta software in June.

    Users who have paid for Encarta subscriptions will be refunded for the unused portion of their subscription, Microsoft said.