LunchTimeDeals Dishes Local Coupons to Your Inbox

So you live in a major American city like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, or Chicago. You’re hungry. You know you’ve got tons of lunch menu options in a given area to choose from. But do you go for a standard recipes, or do you seek out one of the day’s specials?

If you’re on the prowl for something new, Lunchtimedeals might help to simplify and streamline your decision making process. The idea behind the service is to give restaurants a platform by which to reach potential customers with discounts and special dishes.

You can visit LunchTimeDeals and simply seek out featured items as they come. But if you want to give it the least bit of effort, a quick sign up of your email and location can give you regular messages about things being pushed out by neighborhood eateries. Of course, this entails names in the food business to join the fold and push highlights to a select segment of the site’s audience. But Lunchtimedeals is young. If it manages to connect to the right set of “early adopters,” it could grow fast quite soon.

We mentioned a few cities that Lunchtimedeals lists in its database. Other locations include Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. Yet it should be said that New York is essentially the only place worth searching. All others are devoid of entries. (Or, to be thematic about it, entrees.) This can certainly make the site feel empty and host some unnecessary linkage, but just as long as you recognize its informational limitations, it might serve you well.

Naturally, the creators of LunchTimeDeals are as eager for consumers as they are for producers in the great big (prepared) food chain we have in this country, so they provide basic “Tell a Restaurant” and “Tell Your Friends” Web forms for people to interact with. If all goes as planned, it’s not unimaginable to think it will be long before LunchTimeDeals manages to diversify its day-to-day attentions to breakfast, brunch, and dinner, too.

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