Labor Woes: Workers Picket Outside Sushi on Hudson

There's been a rash of delivery worker uprisings/lawsuits of late, Saigon Grill notably among them, and today we bring you the latest West Village perpetrator: Sushi on Hudson.

Disgruntled delivery worker Jian Kui Chen spearheaded a strike outside the restaurant Sunday afternoon where workers chanted, waved signs, and handed out fliers asking locals to boycott the eatery. According to the flier, Chen worked more than 70 hours a week for less than $3 an hour. When he demanded that owners report his taxes and pay minimum wage/overtime, he was allegedly punished and fired.

According to the flier, when Chen initially filed a charge with the Labor Department in December, owners made up rules in the workplace that only applied to him, cut his hours to less than 40 per week and forced him to work hours where there was no delivery business. Chen wasn't the only one upset with the restaurant, as a large portion of the delivery staff appeared to be protesting along with him. As far as the outcome of the strike, things are still undetermined, but it looks like restaurants aren't going to be getting off the hook anytime soon when it comes to short-changing delivery workers.

Where's restaurant nemesis Maimon Kirschenbaum when you need him?

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