Greed Is Still Good on “Wall Street”

He's back. Gordon Gekko, Wall Street's bad boy, is out of prison and entering a new but not so different financial environment. 

The stars of ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’ hit the red carpet for the film's New York premiere on Monday night.  Joining the cast were some of the real Wall Street’s stars like TV financial analyst Jim Cramer and Multi-Billionaire Warren Buffet were also at the premiere.

"Gekko represents two things in the movie both good and he's bad,” says the film’s director Oliver stone.

Stone says he wanted to revisit the financial world after dips, bubbles, and ponzi schemes left many broke.

“It's a call for reform change different values and that's what the movie deals with," says Stone.

It's been more than 20 years since Hollywood took on Wall Street.  Some things have changed but much has not. 

"New financial regulation a lot of electronic financial trading a lot of lot of changes but when it comes down to money fear and greed will rule the day," says trader Ted Weisberg from Seaport Securities.

Weisberg has the second longest tenure on the New York Stock Exchange trading floor.  He remembers when they filmed the first ‘Wall Street’ and used real-life traders.  Weisberg says most of the real Wall Street doesn't live a flashy life but financial villains are very real.
"I’ve met hundreds of Gordon Gekkos over my Wall Street career and the Gordon Gekkos come and go and they're all Gordon Gekko's until they're not."

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