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Bob Woodward Plans Book on Obama



    Bob Woodward Plans Book on Obama
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    Bob Woodward is one of a handful of old pros with books planned on the Obama administration.

    President Barack Obama well recognizes the power of books, having written two bestsellers of his own.

    Now a new crop of writers that includes veteran “Watergate” newshound Bob Woodward will have a shot at the Barack Obama story.

    Woodward, Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter, New Yorker correspondent Ryan Lizza and four others are set to author tomes on the president’s young administration, reported.

    If history is any guide, some of the diggers are bound to hit pay dirt.

    Woodward and partner Carl Bernstein brought down Richard Nixon’s presidency by exposing the cover-up of his reelection team's politically motivated break-in of Democratic Party offices in a series of stories for the Washington Post. Those stories became the basis for the book and film "All the President's Men."  

    Woodward went on to write unflattering histories of the Bill Clinton and George W. Bush presidencies.

    "If you want to hide things from Bob, it always comes out. It always does,” one of his friends told TNR.

    The White House has already sent out a memo to staff that requires permission before speaking to Woodward and other authors, according to TNR.

    Too bad for Obama's message machine -- gossip still runs through the water in Washington.