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The Great Beer Debate Returns



    The Great Beer Debate Returns
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    Americans will once again be forced to choose sides in Miller Lite's "Taste Great, Less Filling" debate.

    It's a debate that has raged for decades, and now Miller Lite is bringing the fight back to your living room with the revival of the best beer ad campaign of all time.

    "Taste Great, Less Filling" was a topic of debate on TV beginning in 1974 for the Miller Lite All Stars, a collection of dozens of personalities from the worlds of sports and entertainment. The format was simple: a man in a bar praising Miller Lite because it "taste great,' only to be shouted down by a fellow elbow-bender with a call of "Less filling!"

    The issue will be raised anew, reports the Associated Press, as part of Miler Lite's "More Taste League" campaign, which returns on Sept. 1, to coincide with the start of pro football.

    Yankees manager Billy Martin, Raiders Coach John Madden and stand-up comic Rodney Dangerfield were among those who took sides in the original commercials,  which Advertising Age once named the eighth best ad campaign of all time, and No.1 among beer ads.