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Spitzer "Got Too Rough," Says Manhattan Madam



    Spitzer "Got Too Rough," Says Manhattan Madam
    Kristin Davis now selling sex in book form.

    No one has ever accused Eliot Spitzer of having a soft touch. Turns it out his aggressive ways may have extended to the -- ahem -- boudoir.

    In her new book "The Manhattan Madam," the titular Kristin Davis claims that ex-New York Gov. Spitzer, aka Client No. 9, was "good for a call at least once a week," reports the Daily News

    But she says that she had to cut him off because of complaints from her girls that he was "too rough" and never wanted to use a condom, adding that "he'd be a real weasel about it, too."

    At one point she told Spitzer she didn't want his business.

    "'I no longer feel comfortable with you as a client. You are blacklisted. Please don't ever call me or my other phone bookers again. Thank you and good luck.'"

    In a cruel twist that may have doomed the governor, Davis eventually relented.

    Davis will be discussing the book -- which is reportedly packed with dirt on her wealthy clientele -- on "20/20" Friday.

    Despite a career as a madam, Davis insists she's never had sex with any of her clients, though she assures readers they've all tried.

    "I still like to believe monogamy exists," she explained.