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McDonald's May Cut the Cheese

Fast-food giant considering changing its Dollar Menu



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    McDonald's may raise the price of its popular $1 double cheeseburger or sell it with a single slice of cheese, instead of two, to keep costs down.

    McDonald's Dollar Menu may be the next casualty of the nation's worsening economy.

    Faced with rising dairy and beef prices, McDonald's is considering increasing the price of its popular $1 double cheeseburger or selling it with one slice of cheese instead of two to keep costs down, according to the Wall Street Journal.

    McDonald's president Don Thompson told the Journal that some restaurants already are testing the impact of selling the sandwich with one slice of cheese. They are calling it a "double hamburger with cheese."

    McDonald's may eventually move the double cheeseburger off the discount menu to allow its restaurants to charge from $1.09 to $1.19 for the sandwich, the Journal reports.

    If that happens, Thompson pledged to add another burger to the Dollar Menu.