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JetBlue Charging Passengers for Blankets, Pillows

Warm and Comfortable Now Costs $7



    JetBlue Charging Passengers for Blankets, Pillows
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    Discount airline JetBlue is pioneering a new indignity for air travelers to suffer by charging its customers $7 for an eco-friendly blanket and a pillow during flights longer than two hours.

    The Associated Press reports that the carrier is replacing its re-usable blankets and pillows with items that flyers will be able to take with them after purchase.

    The blankets and pillows are reportedly made from a special fabric that is resistant to collecting dust mites, pollen, and other allergens. "Snooze Kits" are provided free to customers on overnight flights and include eye shades and ear plugs.

    The company currently charges customers an extra $15 for more than one item of checked luggage and a premium for seats with extra leg room.

    The company expects to generate $50 million in annual revenue by charging for items and services that were previously included in the price of a ticket.